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Assisting with the total digital transformation of care

The objective is as simple as that of any product development project — solve user problems

What user problems exactly?

Problem 1: No Remote Access

Healthcare has been associated with in-person consultations for decades. This has been a problem that obligates the patients to run to the nearest healthcare center for treatment.

The need for remote access or virtual consultations is the need of the hour, which needs to be taken care of to stay one step ahead in the technology adoption race.

How we can help: Invest in healthcare mobile and web applications

With our talented mobile app developers, we build health and fitness mobile apps that continue to grow the flexibility and performance abilities of these remote-oriented platforms. This creates a reliable experience for medical experts to provide quality care and advice to patients from miles away.

With mobile healthcare solutions, we create mobile apps that works with wearables and smartphones to track health


Problem 2: Existing Isolations in the Healthcare World

There is a missing platform that can bring the healthcare industry on a single page, where they can discuss their learning and share knowledge, and create notes.

How we can help: Social Networking App for Healthcare Professionals

You can trust our team on building a social networking app exclusively for healthcare professions to solve the problem at hand. Something like what Net Solutions did by creating “The OCR” (The On Call Room) — the mobile social platform for healthcare professionals.

The app covers:

  • The latest development of the healthcare industry
  • Ability to share photos, PDFs, PPTs, excel sheets, and videos
  • Ability to post new status and ability to like and comment and ask questions
  • Ability to share patient data among healthcare professionals

The solution is viable and makes for a solution that helps create a healthier and better world by enabling collaboration and communication in the sector. Sharing knowledge can help solve health problems together while promoting inclusivity.

Problem 3: Absence of Supply Management System

Traditional supply chain management is often wasteful and inefficient. It leads to money wasted on lost and damaged inventory, improper delivery of equipment or medication, and the damage caused to patients due to all that amount to massive financial losses for healthcare services.

Supply shortages, misplaced inventory, and less than stellar preventative measures regarding shrinkage, all play into the reality that hospitals are epicenters for wasteful operations without a proper supply management system in place.

How we can help: Invest in a Data Management Systems

With our team, we can develop a strong data management system powered by data analytics which does not only constantly updates and operates within an easy-to-use graphic user interface (GUI), but also provides insightful and meaningful data

This way, administrative and medical professionals alike have immediate access to accurate inventory numbers and current budget allocations.

If a mobile app that runs ahead of the time is what you are looking for, Dafe Software can help you build mobile apps that can work fine with wearable devices, fitness trackers and even on usual smartphones.

We are up-to-date with industry trends of healthcare mobile app vendors including interoperable platforms, secure two-way messaging, and patient-provider interactivity based on data gathered from Definitive Healthcare

With mobile applications in healthcare becoming the rule, rather than the exception, Dafe Software is leveraging on that to improve health and fitness.


Our team is always prepared to receive new ideas and translate them into amazing global standard products.

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