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School Management Mobile Apps and Portals

With the growth of technology in all fields, there has also been tremendous improvement in the field of education through combining innovative technology with education.

In this case, many schools have turned to technology for the answer–with a school management mobile app.

Our team using various technologies and trends can develop customize school management mobile apps accessible on android and iOS platforms.

With a school management mobile app, the admin can easily collates students' information like grades, fees, attendance, timetables, etc., in one secure location.

A school management mobile app allows the admin team to update important information with ease. Additionally, this information is updated in real time. Information related to school news, updates, circulars, fee reminders, and much more can be updated with the click of a button.

One of the best advantages of a school management mobile app is that it allows the school admin to connect with the students, parents, and with authorities instantly through emails and messaging. This instant connectivity ensures that the school and parents are constantly updated about the school and the students. This enables them to take timely action when needed.

Furthermore, our team will develop a web portal ideal for either private or public access, where online payments can be made or for online registration purposes. The portal is created to support:

  • Business Hours
  • Email
  • FAQ
  • Live Online
  • Online Community
  • Phone

Having your own edu portal allows you to operate your own secure private or public accessible school management system with robust reporting and dashboards.

Whatever are your needs as a stakeholder or startup founder in the education sector, either for a school management app or portal for seamless administrative purposes, our team are made of experienced developers (web, & mobile) that will help transform your ideas to bespoke software and app development.


Our team is always prepared to receive new ideas and translate them into amazing global standard products.

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