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Why choose Dafe Software as your Fintech digital solutions partner?

Financial technologies are going to increase their market share in the future. 

The financial industry has been undergoing innovative transformations over the years. Cashless payments, mobile banking, and other technology-powered solutions are reshaping how customers, financial companies and banks manage their finances. However, with plenty of opportunities come new challenges financial institutions must tackle.

Challenge 1: Data security and privacy concerns

An increasingly digital environment in the financial sector, including mobile banking and payment apps, is one of the cybercriminals’ top targets.

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities can impact customers’ money as well as personal data. So that even large reputable companies have to take care of the valuable information and make sure their virtual security is on point.

How we can help: We develop apps that allows;

  • Usage of HTTPS and SSL security protocols for every connection.
  • End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) of transactions and private messages, using cryptographic keys and both endpoints to block third-party intervention.
  • Sophisticated authentication solutions: biometric authentication with voice or facial features, or two-factor authentication with single-use codes received via SMS or e-mail.
  • Remote wipe feature that enables a user to remove data if their phone gets lost or stolen.

With data encryption, only people with special keys can access the information.

Our team ensures secure authentication methods in your fintech solution. For example, We can add the layer to your security by introducing biometric authentication; biometric cybersecurity is based on a person’s features (fingerprint, voice, iris pattern, etc.) that minimises the chances of a breach.

We also implement role-based access control so that only authorised users can access certain information, keep track of failed sign-ins and monitor suspicious activity.

Challenge 2: Keeping up with modern Technology

As more people use smartphones to manage finances, the “mobile-first” approach gains widespread popularity — opening a bank account via an app, without a single visit to an office, gradually becomes a new norm. A B2C fintech startup needs to invest wisely into its app for customers — a smooth working interface and beautiful design play a significant role in user retention.

How we can help: For many startups, a better choice might be to build an app with a cross-platform framework. Our team have an expertised in building apps with cross-platform framework.

Challenge 3: compliance with regulations

The financial sector is one of the most regulated. Since innovative technologies are increasingly integrated into financial operations and services, regulatory obligations for such processes also arise.

How we can help: Our team starts with checking legal compliance before developing an application. We use regulatory technologies to automate the process of monitoring the introduction of new regulations or any updates.

Though there is no all-size-fits-all approach, our team helps you create digital solutions keeping in mind some of the top fintech compliance practices, including knowing your customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML), and others.

Challenge 4: Lack of tech expertise

A mobile application developed by a specialist without proper expertise can deprive a company of multiple benefits, for example, NFC chips that streamline payment methods, fingerprint unlocking that enhances applications’ security, and other features.

Building a top-notch financial solution is not easy; it requires hands-on experience. Many companies fail to form strong in-house teams; moreover, the hiring process may be pretty time-consuming.

How we can help: If you are looking for a reliable technology partner to outsource the fintech development process. Our experienced team of developers can start creating your solution immediately. Our team of experts will also help you reduce expenses on recruitment and training of new employees.

If you are startup founder or a business owner in the FinTech world, and you want to create web and mobile applications (Insurance, banking, wealth management), we have a team of mobile app development experts who are well versed in creating products that solve business challenges from attracting new customers to expanding your portfolio and launching new products. 

As a team, Dafe Software helps to create web and mobile applications that make you stand out from your financial services competitors.

Our experience cuts across:

  • Building bespoke frontend and backend software solutions to solve your problems.
  • Building from scratch and working in partnership to develop the products
  • Working in collaboration with in-house teams to offer industry expertise
  • Providing ongoing support and maintenance

As experienced financial services app developers we reduce the technical risk of delivering a successful product to market and have extensive experience of working alongside in-house developers and becoming an extension of your team.


Our team is always prepared to receive new ideas and translate them into amazing global standard products.

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